Sunday, August 3, 2014

Primary Day

John Conyers was first elected to Congress from Michigan in 1964, meaning he has been there now for going on fifty years.  If he wins re-election this year, he will be the longest-serving member of the US House of Representatives.

John Conyers nearly didn't make the ballot this year.  Michigan has a requirement that congressional candidates submit 1000 signatures to qualify for the ballot;  Conyers' efforts fell short.  And not just a little short; I believe that when the dust cleared he only had about 600 valid signatures.  That should have been the end of his candidacy.

It wasn't; Conyers succeeded in convincing a friendly judge that Michigan's signature law is unconstitutional.  So Conyers will be on the August 5 Michigan primary ballot.

If I lived in that district, I would not be voting for Conyers.  The fact that someone who has been in Congress for half a century is so grossly incompetent that he can't even put together enough of a political machine to collect a thousand signatures tells me that it's time for someone else to represent that district.  And in fact, Conyers does have a primary opponent who is making much of Conyers' inability to perform a simple political task like get enough valid signatures to be on the ballot.  The one time I ran for public office and needed a thousand signatures, it took me and a couple of volunteers a grand total of two Saturdays at the mall to collect them.  It makes one wonder how many other basic competencies that office is allowing to slip.

Dear Congressman Conyers:  It's time to go.

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